I had the opportunity to rebrand Bitwit, an influential YouTube channel focused on gaming hardware. The goal was to create a unique brand identity that goes beyond just a logo.

Monitor displaying illustrations for Bitwit.

Is the pink and blue color scheme weird? Maybe. Is it memorable?Absolutely. Next up is the logo. Finding the perfect logo for a channel that has been rebranded multiple times was no easy task.

Various logos and logotypes designed for Bitwit.

“I never realized I have the same head shape as a Lego.” It’s not often that my logos allow people to discover something about themselves.

A motherboard.
Various computer hardware; graphics cards, fans, water blocks, and more.

The most distinct aspect of Bitwit’s branding is the illustrations. These are vector illustrations of different computer hardware with stylized shading.

Bitwit's business card.
Bitwit's merchandise tag.

Combining the unique color scheme with these custom illustrations results in a consistent brand identity. This identity carries through to Bitwit's merchandise store,

Laptop showing Bitwit's merchandise website's home page.Laptop showing Bitwit's merchandise website's home page.

Scales from ultrawides to smartphones.  

Custom Illustrations for each category. 

Carries the same brand identity.

Phone showing Bitwit's merchandise website's home page.

This is a long-term project with Bitwit. More designs are still in the works and will be revealed in the future.



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