Cyprium is a compact water-cooled computer that’s compatible with off-the-shelf hardware. It is a no-compromise build that doesn’t sacrifice performance to achieve good thermals and maintain its small form factor.

Trying to fit two 240mm radiators and hard-line tubing into no more than 13 liters of space was extremely challenging. An immense amount of effort went into researching and planning for this build.

The greatest challenge early on was trying to fit a pump into an already packed case. Many solutions were explored before finally deciding to mount the pump on the bottom radiator.

Cyprium’s hardware was chosen to maximize performance despite the limited space. While the high-end components mean the system would run hotter, the dual radiator configuration could handle the extra heat.

As its name suggests, Cyprium contains a few copper elements that add some flare to otherwise plain design. The final product is a small little machine that is beautiful both inside and out.



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