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waving hand


wave animation on dot matrix
waving hand


wave animation on dot matrix
waving hand


wave animation on dot matrix
waving hand


wave animation on dot matrix

About Nudge

Nudge was conceived as a way for people to communicate anonymously through animations on an LED matrix. It’s a way to let someone know you’re thinking about them without demanding a reply. Especially during these challenging times, Nudge is meant to remind people that they are not alone, that someone out there is thinking of them.

How this works

When you entered this URL (, an AWS ↗ server responded to your request with the HTML file ↗, while the CSS file ↗ was retrieved through a reverse proxy ↗ that connects to my local server. When you click on one of the animation cards above, some JavaScript ↗ sends a PUT HTTP request ↗ to the Adafruit IO API ↗ using AJAX ↗. My Adafruit Matrix Portal ↗, a microcontroller board that is connected to an LED matrix, then plays one of the pre-programmed animations based on the data it retrieves from the API.


Since the Adafruit Matrix Portal only checks the API once per loop, animations might be skipped if multiple users are updating the API within seconds of each other.


Typefaces used:
Rubik by Hubert and Fischer, Meir Sadan, and Cyreal ↗
Manrope by Mikhail Sharanda ↗

Special thanks to Majed Bou Ghanem, Zhuoyan Xie, and Spaceinvader One ↗

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